Welcome to Amadou Jallow!

Amadou Jallow Northampton Trustee Fund would like to welcome Amadou Jallow to our team of voluntary workers in Penyem.

We have known Amadou for many years – almost from his school days. He works tirelessly for a number of organisations in The Gambia. We have featured him previously in an page entitled ‘Focus on Amadou Jallow’.

As NTF has grown it has been increasingly important to be aware of the social needs of the children and families we support. Furthermore, there are many other families who can benefit from the support of NTF, who are not necessarily part of our sponsorship programme.

NTF supports, by sponsorship, around 100 children. However, there are numerous other children and families in Penyem which receive assistance in many ways from other charitable organisations. For example, Amadou has previously worked with CCF – now Child Fund.

By asking Amadou to join the NTF team, we hope he can help co-ordinate the work of all the charitable organisations to ensure a fair spread of assistance to the villagers. One role he will take on for NTF is to be the person who makes sure donated goods such as clothing, laptops, mobile phones etc go to the most needy people.

Amadou’s official title is Voluntary Social Worker.

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New fundraising project for 2017-2018.

In 2014, NTF launched a Health development Programme. This absolutely flew away! Within 4 months of the launch every family in Penyem had been given a mosquito net and the village ambulance had been replaced. Unfortunately, due to the (now) well documented financial difficulties at the school the Health Initiative was suspended.

Wristband1From 1 May 2017 the Health Programme is being relaunched. To treat a case of Malaria in Penyem is ‘very expensive’ – so says the villagers. It costs about 300-500 Delasis for the medication £6-9! This is less than a UK NHS prescription – and more to the point the medication can save a life!

NTF will be fundraising to buy this medication. We are aware that no matter how much we can buy, it will not last forever. However, we hope to be buy enough doses to last 3-5 years. By then there may be some cheaper or more longer lasting treatments available. At the moment Malaria sufferers have to pay for their medication. This will continue to be the case but we will develop a form of ‘means testing’ to decide on how much they should pay.

Can you help with a donation? Can you help by selling some of our wristbands? Please get in touch. Please visit our donate page and give generously! Thank you! 

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April 2017 Visit and Photo Gallery.

April 2017 took us on our group trip to Penyem. Thirteen NTF sponsors left from Manchester Airport on 5 April. 

18073548_10154323176052455_888792524_nMost of the sponsors came from the brilliant town of Corby! Our mission this time was to visit sponsored families and to support the village projects. There were two major developments that took place during our week in Penyem. The first was the completion of the new NTF Office. This was opened by one of our group, Sarah. She had fundraised from her day job at Spencer Court News in Corby! This fantastic contribution allowed the office to be fully completed including the installation of internet facilities. A further contribution from Beth Harrison (who did not travel on this trip) helped in the purchase of furniture for the room. The internet will allow for improved communication with Penyem. Furthermore, extra tables were purchased with a donation from Sally and Geoff Hallett. These are positioned in the room to allow older students to use laptops (Provided by Spring Lane, Primary School, Northampton) to participate in online study work. A fully refurbished main laptop was donated by Trish Creighton and Sarah Darlow Stearn. It is hoped all these things will allow NTF to moved even further froward.

unnamed (7)unnamed (8)New to NTF is Aaron Keogh. He was keen to make a significant impact in the village. For a number of years the school play equipment has been in desperate need of repair or renovation. After some research we were able to have made two slides and two double swing sets for 20000 Delasis – just over £300. Aaron donated the funds and even got to dig the foundation holes for the swings. This is just perfect – Thanks Aaron.

Whilst all the above was very important we should not forget the support and work done by all of our supporters – both those who were on this trip and those who continue to support us all year. With that in mind we are please to announce that NTF has taken on a further 10 sponsored children for the next year and foreseeable future. We also have 5 students benefitting from our Further Education Bursary Fund.

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December 2016 Update.

2016 has been a very eventful year for NTF. We started the year with hope for the Penyem Village Day Care and Nursery School. During 2015 we had been striving to find a sponsor to allow the cash strapped school to remain open. However by March 2016, we had to tell the village that NTF could not sustain the financial support of the school. We gave thDSCN1618em 12 months’ notice of our withdrawal of funding support. In a meeting in the village, we agreed to make one final effort to find sponsorship. So, we returned to the UK to try to find sponsors for 7 of the classrooms at £500 each. This would raise enough to help us keep the school afloat. In December 2016, we returned to the village with the fantastic news that we have been able to find 10 sponsors. The school was saved! We were delighted to be part of the official naming ceremony of the classrooms and very honoured to be greeted by the Village Elders. It was also great to see the new dedicated road sign acknowledging NTF. This takes a prominent spot on the main through road.

DSCN1550During the December trip we were also delighted to deliver numerous gifts and sacks of rice to sponsored families. A sack of rice is one of the greatest gifts that a family can receive. In 3 hours, in 42C of heat, we personally delivered sixty 50KG sacks of rice to the compounds of sponsored families. This sort of work is very draining on our ageing bodies but also so rewarding. We were happy to let some of the youths of the village do the carrying of the sacks!

Earlier in the year, we received some fantastic donations to allow us to further our work. We are so grateful! Our Health Centre sponsor, Imerja DSCN1546Ltd. UK. has continued to support us. Corby Phoenix Rotary Club have also been key to our work. However, there have been some magnificent individual efforts. It is not fair to mention them as a £5 contribution is equally valuable as £500. However, a timely £1000 donation from Spencer Court News in Corby and £450 from long-time supporter, Eleanor DSCN1581Springham allowed us to fit a reconditioned engine to the village ambulance. We also received a donation of £2200 from Northampton School for Girls towards our developing Bursary Fund.

All of this is superb. However, the most important part of our success is the regular support of our child sponsors. In 2016, we lost 3 sponsors but gained 5! We are also thank all those who give cash donations as these contributions allow us to fund other new and ongoing projects, such as fuelling of the village ambulance and medicines to allow access to all of the villages.

We are saddened to announce that one of our teachers suffered a stroke recently. Famara Jarju has been a loyal teacher at the school. To meet him in his current state of health in December was upsetting. However, at least we were able to give him an NTF wheelchair and a sack of rice for his family. We look forward to 2017. We have renewed confidence with the school sponsorship and look forward to developing new projects now that the funding crisis seems to be solved!

Child sponsors please be aware that we will be in touch soon in the New Year to ask you to renew your sponsorship for another year! Thanks everyone!

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NTF School Sponsorship Update!

Earlier this year we set out to find sponsorship for seven classrooms at Penyem Daycare and Nursery School at £500 per room. The story is well documented on this website. Basically, without finding sponsors the school would face closure. By raising £3500, NTF could continue to support the school. The total cost to run the school is £7000 per annum. NTF could fund the other £3500.Capture11Capture9 Capture6 Capture5 Capture4 Capture3 Capture2






Now, in November 2016, we areCapture7Capture1 delighted to annCapture10 ounce that we have exceeded this target, by securing sponsorship for 10 classrooms, hence raising £5000 per annum. The sponsorship will come fully into force from April 2017.

We would like to thank all those who have sponsored classroom. You are brilliant! However, at the same time, we thank all our supporters because your contributions, both large and small, have enabled us to achieve this fantastic result.

Watch out for the official naming of the classrooms which will take place in December!

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Fantastic Donations! And more…………..

Northampton Trustee Fund and the Villagers of Penyem Village, The Gambia woIMG_0012uld like to thank the customers and staff (particularly Sarah Darlow Stearn[Evans]) of Spencer Court News, Corby, for their absolutely brilliant donation of £1005.75. Thank you so much!

This donation follows an equally superb contribution by Eleanor Springham and her friends who recently raised £420 with a coffee morning. Thank you!


The donations will be used for a variety of things, but in particular a new engine will be fitted to the village ambulance . The vehicle is in desperate need of repair. Very soon it will have to be taken out of service. The village had asked NTF to fund a replacement engine. Unfortunately, we had to reject their request as we simply did not have the money. Now, with these donations the ambulance will be given a new lease of life and be able to continue it’s work saving lives! WOW!
On 2 December, Anne and Andrew Butler, Founders of NTF will be travelling to The Gambia to officially name the sponsored classrooms in Penyem Village School. Yet again we have been amazed at the generosity of people here in UK . We hope now to exceed our target of 7 sponsored classrooms! Thank you!
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Classroom sponsorship – another update!

It is now September 2016. Back in May, we started searching for sponsors for the classrooms at Penyem Daycare and Nursery School. Without sponsorship, the school faced closure in 2017, when NTF funding ran out. The previous post explains this in more detail.



We are delighted to announce that we have achieved our target of finding sponsorship for all 7 classrooms. The final piece of the jigsaw was completed last week with the offer of sponsorship from out old friends at Corby Phoenix Rotary Club. So we will have: The Macfarlane Classroom, The Pyke Classroom, The Jill and Bryan Allbut Classroom, The Tricia Crighton Classroom. The Wilson Browne Solicitors Classroom, The Swift/Leese/Holt/Clasby Classroom. The Corby Phoenix Rotary Club Classroom.

The total pledged by these 7 sponsors is £3500 per annum. The total cost of running the school is £7000. NTF will fund the other £3500. However, this is still a drain on our financial resources. Ideally, we would like the school to be fully funded by donations so that NTF’s resources can be directed to developing other projects, particularly the Health Education Programme, which has been suspended due to the funding issues at the school.

There is an 8th classroom that is being developed. This is The ChelseaDSC_0230 Macfarlane and Eleanor Springham Classroom. This classroom needs furniture, blackboard and a TEACHER! Once finished we aim to be able to split the Toddler Class into two halves. I think you will agree that the current class of 83 is too large!

There are also other rooms that can be sponsored such as the School Kitchen, Staff room, Sponsor Relations Office, toilets etc. So we will continue to search for sponsors who will reduce NTF’s outlay of £3500. Please get in touch if you can help!

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Classroom Sponsorship Update.


Andy Butler from NTF and Kevin Rogers of Wilson Brown Solicitors complete the Agreement for for Classroom Sponsorship for 3 years.

In May 2016 we started an appeal for sponsors to contribute £500 per annum to sponsor a classroom in Penyem Day Care and Nursery School. Without your sponsorship the school would face closure in 2017. NTF has already provided £7000 to allow the school to remain open for the school year from September 2016 to August 2017. This funding is a complete drain on our financial resources. We do not have any spare money to develop other projects. Our Health Initiative that started so well in January 2015 has had to be delayed until other funding can be found.

It is now July 2016, and NTF is delighted to announce that 6 classroom sponsors have been found. These sponsors probably do not realise what they have done! Certainly, if any of them were to visit Penyem, they would be mobbed as heroes by the villagers – it means that much! 

At this stage, no money has changed hands! NTF does not actually need the sponsorship until April 2017. However, we would like to recognise the sponsors here on the website. So we will have: The Macfarlane Classroom, The Pyke Classroom, The Jill and Bryan Allbut Classroom, The Tricia Crighton Classroom. The Wilson Browne Solicitors Classroom, The Swift/Leese/Holt/Clasby Classroom.

That is 6…………one more needed please!

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Focus on Amadou Jallow.

Amadou Jallow is a key worker in Penyem and surrounding area. Although he is not directly appointed by NTF he carries out a huge amount of Voluntary work in support of our work in Penyem. He receives no salary from us but whenever we can we help him out with small bonuses and gifts, such as a laptop, suit, shirts etc. We did not really have a full understanding of what Amadou does – so recently I asked him to write down what he does from day to day. This is what he sent to me. I am sure you will agree he is well worth the few perks we give to him!
1a. Saamasang Federation (FORMAL) – COMMUNITY MOBILIZER – DECEMBER 2014 TO DECEMBER 2016 – Sponsor Relations, Community Mobilization, Data Collection, Computer works (internet, words & pictures), Social Work, Home Visits, Training Facilitation, Report Writing. 1b. Saamasang Federation (VOLUNTARY) – Project & Community Volunteer – 2011 TO 2014 – Sponsor Relations, Community Mobilization, Data Collection, Computer works (internet, words & pictures), Social Work.
2a. Penyem Clusters Youth & Children Development Association (VOLUNTARY) – Ass. Secretary General – 2012 TO 2013 – Correspondence, Report writing, Coordinating, Record keeping, Finance Controller, Community Outreach.
2b. Penyem Clusters Youth & Children Development Association (VOLUNTARY) – Public Relations Officer – 2013 TO PRESENT – Correspondence, Project & Report writing, Coordinating, Record keeping, Finance Controller, Community Outreach, Teaching.
3. Saamasang Youth & Children Development Association (VOLUNTARY) – Secretary General – 2013 TO 2014 – Correspondence & Report writing.
 4. Penyem Credit Union (VOLUNTARY) – Secretary – 2014 – Correspondence.
 5. Penyem Youth & Sports Development Committee (VOLUNTARY) – Secretary General – 2013 TO 2016 – Correspondence, Record keeping, Report writing, Coordinating, Football Refereeing.
6a. Peace Ambassadors The Gambia (VOLUNTARY) – Peace Educator – 2014 TO PRESENT – Peace Education & Advocacy.
6b. Peace Ambassadors- The Gambia (VOLUNTARY) – V. Chairperson (West Coast Zone Executive Committee) – 2016 TO PRESENT – Report Writing, Correspondence, Coordination.
7. Penyem Fula Kunda United (VOLUNTARY) – Secretary – 2015 TO PRESENT – Record keeping & Coordination.
8. Penyem Arabic School (VOLUNTARY) – Teacher Volunteer/ Assistant – 2015 TO PRESENT – Teaching. 
AJ2This is a summary of my engagements both formal and voluntary. I am currently working formally for Saamasang Federation as a Community Mobilizer. I was formally employed by Saamasang Federation in December 2014, and my appointment will be ending in December 2016. My employment in the federation will only last for six months from now, which will be on December 31st 2016. I have now started looking for other organisations or places for employment, before the end of December 2016. I previously had formal employment at Saamasang Federation, served the federation from 2011 to 2014 on volunteerism (project and community volunteer). At first, my work as a project and community volunteer was centered mainly on helping children and families that can not write letters to their sponsors, by writing on their behalf through dictation, and as I gain experience, skills and knowledge in Community Development my service for children, youth and communities grew wider.
Amadou Jallow
Despite my current employment, I do more of voluntary works. As you can see above, among all the organisations and associations in which I serve, only one is formal and all the rest are voluntary. I sometimes conduct voluntary activities alone by making presentations on various topics, awarding of deserving students among others. I am deeply into volunteerism, and have dedicated much of my time and resources to helping and serving others. I hope my messages served as a reply to your question. Thanks.




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Penyem Daycare and Nursery School to face closure!

Followers of our work in Penyem will know that over a year ago we took over the full funding of the village Daycare and Nursery School. For the next 12 months we strived to find a sponsor for the school – but with no luck! So, last March we had to give the village notice that the school would have to close, as we are unable to sustain the meagre amount of £7000 per annum to run the school. The school will have to close in July 2018. This prior warning does at least give the village and NTF time to continue to find financial backing.

In May 2016, we wrote to 12 local organisations and groups specifically asking them for help. We have not heard back from these groups.

So now – in June 2016 – we are making it public knowledge, that unless we can find assistance, the school will have to close. Of course, we are not taking this decision lightly. However, the simple facts are that we cannot afford to pay the £7000. We have come up with another plan!DSCN1440

We hope to find sponsors for the 7 classrooms in the school. In an ideal world, it would be 7 individuals contributing £500 each. This would raise £3500. The NTF would fundraise for the other £3500. Alternatively, it could be a group or syndicate who come together to contribute £500 between them. Another way is for individuals to contact us with donations and we would then put them together to make a ‘classroom group’. Naturally we would hope that whichever way, we hope that people are prepared to make an annual commitment.

Below is a copy of the text of an open letter which explains everything. We hope to hear from you!

ajb1@ntlworld.com. 01604461746. 07812111187

Dear Friends

We are writing to you regarding the work our small charity, Northampton Trustee Fund (NTF), does in The Gambia. In 2004 we set up the charity to support the village of Penyem. Initially, we started by fundraising to supply small individual items such as football kits, school resources etc. Over the years this has developed into funding the village Health Centre, building projects and a sponsorship programme for 100 children.

In 2015, we agreed to take on the full funding of the village Day Care Centre and Nursery School. Whilst we are currently able to do this, the drain on our financial resources is enormous, preventing us from funding any development projects in Penyem. We are unable to sustain this financial support forever. Hence the reason for us writing to you.

It costs £7000 a year to fully fund the school. Two hundred children attend, taught by seven teachers. There is a cleaner and a caretaker. We pay all these salaries and provide the funds for all the materials and maintenance of the buildings. During the last year we have been seeking a sponsor to cover this cost, without luck!

NTF can fund £3500 per annum. There are seven classrooms in the school compound. We are now trying to secure sponsorship for each classroom, that is, £500 per room.

There are a number of ways you could help. Larger organisations may be able to fully fund a classroom (£500). Smaller organisations may be able to fund half (£250), and combine with another organisation. Individual sponsors may decide they can help, but with a smaller donation. Whichever way, we would like to suggest that this is an ongoing annual commitment wherever possible. All sponsors will be recognised in the school with their names on a plaque/notice in ‘their’ classroom.

Please call us to discuss how you could help. We hope to hear from you very soon! In the meantime you can find out more about NTF on our website www.northamptontrusteefund.co.uk.

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