New water intiative.

A year or so ago an American group made a huge difference to Penyem by constructing a new water borehole with solar powered pumps. This enabled the who village to have access to water 24/7. Previously the water pumping station could not supply the who village all the time. Whilst this is fantastic it created a problem for many of the villagers. They could not afford the connection to the supply! This involves digging trenches – which of course they can do for themselves, but the pipework and taps etc. are expensive. Recently NTF transferred 6 months of our annual budget to Penyem for things like teacher’s and doctor’s salaries, child sponsor fees. This amounted to £9500. When it arrived in the Gambia bank account there was a 22000 delasis excess (£350) due to a good exchange rate. Rather than ask for the money to be refunded we suggested it should be used for special causes in the village. As a result a whole ‘street’ of the poorest families has now been supplied with running water and a standpipe tap in their compounds.

Furthermore one of the poorest families were desperate to complete their mud block house before the rains come in July and August. Just a few pounds of the overpayment were given to the family to allow them to buy corrugate roofing for their house. They will now be dry!

Both these cases outline how wisely we use any funding from all of our sponsors. All of the sponsors can feel proud as any excess is always put to good use. Thank you.