A few words from Kingswood Students.

Morgan Berry and Ben Porter are two of the students who visited Penyem with Kingswood Secondary Academy in February 2018. Here are their thoughts.

MB4 Spending this week in Penyem and Gambia has opened my eyes to how little   it takes to help and better peoples lives. The experiences I’ve been given in such a short space of time and the people I’ve met that have made me so welcome have made me so feel so lucky to be here and privileged to have the opportunity. MB2I can’t wait to continue fundraising to improve the community of Penyem and continue supporting Ebrima and Abou to see them through school and watch them grow. Thank you especially to Andrew and Pa who have been our guides through the whole trip and everyone’s donations who made it possible, planning for next year has already started!

Morgan Berry.


Travelling to The Gambia truly has been the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, having the opportunity to experience how people less fortunate than yourself live their lives on a daily basis really is eye opening. It was a very emotional trip, but I’ve made some great friends and itBP1’s definitely changed the way I look at and think about the world around us. I never quite realised how lucky I was until now.

If you have the financial capability to, I would strongly urge you to sponsor a child through the Northampton Trustee Fund. The boy in the first photo is called Sam. He’s my sponsored child, and he was so grateful for everything, because it meant that he had the opportunity to go to school, and to get a proper education. The point is that a relatively small donation on your part can make such a huge impact on a child’s life out there. They really do need it more than us. 


I’d like to say thank you to Faye Commons  for the amazing opportunity, and to Dave Robertson and Justyna Skorwider for their wonderBP2ful support in making the trip happen. Finally a huge thank you to Andrew Rapaciada Gomez and Pa Sainey Nyassi for supporting us while we were out there. Until next time Gambia, thanks for having us. Ben PorterBP3

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