A message from Dawda Bojang.

We have worked with Dawda Bojang for many years. He is¬†social worker , community development practitioner, and a football referee in Penyem. We asked him to put into words his observations of NTF activities and involvement in Penyem. Here is what has written……….


Dawda (on the left) with Chelsea and various family members.

My assignment as promised; My sincere thanks to sponsors through NTF. Rice donation to individual families has gone a long way in complementing the boarding of feeding. We appreciate it so much, it will ever remain to linger in our hearts for and indefinite long period. More grease to your elbows.

I am Dawda, a citizen residing in Penyem village, I am one of the beneficiaries of NTF services, through my sponsored child. Chelsea is sponsoring my son, and happens to lived in harmony for three weeks in penyem village.

Chelsea and Eleanor has acquired learning some phrases in various local languages spoken in Penyem, community norms and values were explored to the fullest.

Chelsea and Eleanor initiative in raising funds to rehabilitate a classroom, shall always be remembered and cherished. Part of their experience attracted high level of socialization, community out reach, learning and sharing of experiences.

Sponsorship is the back bone which attract ed the enrollment of kids into NTF programs, a revenue base for the maintenance and reconstruction of the planned projects and programs for NTFs interventions. This enhances family and sponsors integration in diverse ways.Home visits, Correspondence, exchanges of gifts, sharing of family dreams etc etc.

NTF support in the health sector , before our community Penyem used donkey carts to transport patients/women in labor to reach health facilities, Thank god through NTF this is a thing of the past. Provision of the community ambulance is WOW amazing .

Sports sector became the foundation between Penyem community and NTF partnership. Sports is the mother agency, which gave birth NTF. Thanks to the founders Mr. Andy Buttler and Mr. Abou Camara and the entire board.



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