April 2017 Visit and Photo Gallery.

April 2017 took us on our group trip to Penyem. Thirteen NTF sponsors left from Manchester Airport on 5 April. 

18073548_10154323176052455_888792524_nMost of the sponsors came from the brilliant town of Corby! Our mission this time was to visit sponsored families and to support the village projects. There were two major developments that took place during our week in Penyem. The first was the completion of the new NTF Office. This was opened by one of our group, Sarah. She had fundraised from her day job at Spencer Court News in Corby! This fantastic contribution allowed the office to be fully completed including the installation of internet facilities. A further contribution from Beth Harrison (who did not travel on this trip) helped in the purchase of furniture for the room. The internet will allow for improved communication with Penyem. Furthermore, extra tables were purchased with a donation from Sally and Geoff Hallett. These are positioned in the room to allow older students to use laptops (Provided by Spring Lane, Primary School, Northampton) to participate in online study work. A fully refurbished main laptop was donated by Trish Creighton and Sarah Darlow Stearn. It is hoped all these things will allow NTF to moved even further froward.

unnamed (7)unnamed (8)New to NTF is Aaron Keogh. He was keen to make a significant impact in the village. For a number of years the school play equipment has been in desperate need of repair or renovation. After some research we were able to have made two slides and two double swing sets for 20000 Delasis – just over £300. Aaron donated the funds and even got to dig the foundation holes for the swings. This is just perfect – Thanks Aaron.

Whilst all the above was very important we should not forget the support and work done by all of our supporters – both those who were on this trip and those who continue to support us all year. With that in mind we are please to announce that NTF has taken on a further 10 sponsored children for the next year and foreseeable future. We also have 5 students benefitting from our Further Education Bursary Fund.

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