Classroom Sponsorship Update.


Andy Butler from NTF and Kevin Rogers of Wilson Brown Solicitors complete the Agreement for for Classroom Sponsorship for 3 years.

In May 2016 we started an appeal for sponsors to contribute £500 per annum to sponsor a classroom in Penyem Day Care and Nursery School. Without your sponsorship the school would face closure in 2017. NTF has already provided £7000 to allow the school to remain open for the school year from September 2016 to August 2017. This funding is a complete drain on our financial resources. We do not have any spare money to develop other projects. Our Health Initiative that started so well in January 2015 has had to be delayed until other funding can be found.

It is now July 2016, and NTF is delighted to announce that 6 classroom sponsors have been found. These sponsors probably do not realise what they have done! Certainly, if any of them were to visit Penyem, they would be mobbed as heroes by the villagers – it means that much! 

At this stage, no money has changed hands! NTF does not actually need the sponsorship until April 2017. However, we would like to recognise the sponsors here on the website. So we will have: The Macfarlane Classroom, The Pyke Classroom, The Jill and Bryan Allbut Classroom, The Tricia Crighton Classroom. The Wilson Browne Solicitors Classroom, The Swift/Leese/Holt/Clasby Classroom.

That is 6…………one more needed please!

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