December 2018 Update!

It’s been a while – but that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening! We have come to the end of another busy and successful year. It all seemed to come together in December.

Andy and Anne laying the foundation stone.

In previous posts you will have read about the visit to Penyem by Tracey and Harvey Whittaker Smith from Northampton Trampoline and Gymnastics Academy. At the time they offered to help fundraise for a particular project in the village. It was decided to build a covered assembly and sports area at Penyem Nursery School. On 2 December they held a fantastic event at their sports centre – ‘The Greatest Show’. ALI_4085-768x549This was a combination of Trampolining, Gymnastics, Dance and Song. It took two shows to accommodate the huge demand for tickets. The end result of all the hard work by everyone at the club was a truly brilliant donation of £4500. This more than pays for the construction of the building. Building work has already started. On 6 December, Andy and Anne were in Penyem to lay the foundation stone for what is known as locally as a ‘Bantabar’.

During the trip we were accompanied by David Tristram and John Dixon who were representing Corby Pheonix Rotary Club. They and the club are long time supporters of our work in Penyem. About a year ago NTF was approached by Mr Bah, the Headteacher of Penyem Upper Basic School. He was requesting financial support for the refurbishment of his school’s Home Economics room. Previously, Corby Pheonix and funded the replacement of the roof in which the room is housed. We met with Mr Bah in the NTF office. After lengthy and detailed discussions it was agreed by John and David to make funding up to £4000 to equip the new room with everything from Gas cookers to knives and forks! This project would start in early January and would take a short time to complete. More information about this will be posted very soon.

We continues our discussions with the village women about the provision of a Community Milling Machine. We made it very clear that this project had to be self sufficient. However, we agreed that a secure and suitable building should be part of the funding in addition to training etc. The total cost would be around

£3500. We are hopeful that these plans can be started early in 2019.

During the trip we were able to continue what has become an annual event – the distribution of sacks of rice with funds from many or our child sponsors. A 50KG sack of rice is way beyond the pockets of most of the families. So the delivery of sacks is a great joy to all. This year we asked the families to come and collect the rice from a central point. What a colourful occasion it was! 3500 tonnes of rice!

We never forget the village Sports Committee.

Andy and Anne with Penyem ‘Cobblers’ The all girls team!

This time we donated 20 footballs. We were delighted to also donate a full Northampton Town Football Kit for thew village girls team. We now know them as Penyem Cobblers! (Northampton Town are known as The Cobblers)!

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