Focus on Amadou Jallow.

Amadou Jallow is a key worker in Penyem and surrounding area. Although he is not directly appointed by NTF he carries out a huge amount of Voluntary work in support of our work in Penyem. He receives no salary from us but whenever we can we help him out with small bonuses and gifts, such as a laptop, suit, shirts etc. We did not really have a full understanding of what Amadou does – so recently I asked him to write down what he does from day to day. This is what he sent to me. I am sure you will agree he is well worth the few perks we give to him!
1a. Saamasang Federation (FORMAL) – COMMUNITY MOBILIZER – DECEMBER 2014 TO DECEMBER 2016 – Sponsor Relations, Community Mobilization, Data Collection, Computer works (internet, words & pictures), Social Work, Home Visits, Training Facilitation, Report Writing. 1b. Saamasang Federation (VOLUNTARY) – Project & Community Volunteer – 2011 TO 2014 – Sponsor Relations, Community Mobilization, Data Collection, Computer works (internet, words & pictures), Social Work.
2a. Penyem Clusters Youth & Children Development Association (VOLUNTARY) – Ass. Secretary General – 2012 TO 2013 – Correspondence, Report writing, Coordinating, Record keeping, Finance Controller, Community Outreach.
2b. Penyem Clusters Youth & Children Development Association (VOLUNTARY) – Public Relations Officer – 2013 TO PRESENT – Correspondence, Project & Report writing, Coordinating, Record keeping, Finance Controller, Community Outreach, Teaching.
3. Saamasang Youth & Children Development Association (VOLUNTARY) – Secretary General – 2013 TO 2014 – Correspondence & Report writing.
 4. Penyem Credit Union (VOLUNTARY) – Secretary – 2014 – Correspondence.
 5. Penyem Youth & Sports Development Committee (VOLUNTARY) – Secretary General – 2013 TO 2016 – Correspondence, Record keeping, Report writing, Coordinating, Football Refereeing.
6a. Peace Ambassadors The Gambia (VOLUNTARY) – Peace Educator – 2014 TO PRESENT – Peace Education & Advocacy.
6b. Peace Ambassadors- The Gambia (VOLUNTARY) – V. Chairperson (West Coast Zone Executive Committee) – 2016 TO PRESENT – Report Writing, Correspondence, Coordination.
7. Penyem Fula Kunda United (VOLUNTARY) – Secretary – 2015 TO PRESENT – Record keeping & Coordination.
8. Penyem Arabic School (VOLUNTARY) – Teacher Volunteer/ Assistant – 2015 TO PRESENT – Teaching. 
AJ2This is a summary of my engagements both formal and voluntary. I am currently working formally for Saamasang Federation as a Community Mobilizer. I was formally employed by Saamasang Federation in December 2014, and my appointment will be ending in December 2016. My employment in the federation will only last for six months from now, which will be on December 31st 2016. I have now started looking for other organisations or places for employment, before the end of December 2016. I previously had formal employment at Saamasang Federation, served the federation from 2011 to 2014 on volunteerism (project and community volunteer). At first, my work as a project and community volunteer was centered mainly on helping children and families that can not write letters to their sponsors, by writing on their behalf through dictation, and as I gain experience, skills and knowledge in Community Development my service for children, youth and communities grew wider.
Amadou Jallow
Despite my current employment, I do more of voluntary works. As you can see above, among all the organisations and associations in which I serve, only one is formal and all the rest are voluntary. I sometimes conduct voluntary activities alone by making presentations on various topics, awarding of deserving students among others. I am deeply into volunteerism, and have dedicated much of my time and resources to helping and serving others. I hope my messages served as a reply to your question. Thanks.




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