New fundraising project for 2017-2018.

In 2014, NTF launched a Health development Programme. This absolutely flew away! Within 4 months of the launch every family in Penyem had been given a mosquito net and the village ambulance had been replaced. Unfortunately, due to the (now) well documented financial difficulties at the school the Health Initiative was suspended.

Wristband1From 1 May 2017 the Health Programme is being relaunched. To treat a case of Malaria in Penyem is ‘very expensive’ – so says the villagers. It costs about 300-500 Delasis for the medication £6-9! This is less than a UK NHS prescription – and more to the point the medication can save a life!

NTF will be fundraising to buy this medication. We are aware that no matter how much we can buy, it will not last forever. However, we hope to be buy enough doses to last 3-5 years. By then there may be some cheaper or more longer lasting treatments available. At the moment Malaria sufferers have to pay for their medication. This will continue to be the case but we will develop a form of ‘means testing’ to decide on how much they should pay.

Can you help with a donation? Can you help by selling some of our wristbands? Please get in touch. Please visit our donate page and give generously! Thank you! 

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