November update.

It has been a while since a new update has been published. This is not to say we have not been busy – in fact it is the opposite!

We completed the collection of sponsor fees and have picked up a few more sponsors. We have been able to maintain the sponsorship of 100 children. We thank our sponsors for your continued support.

Bursary. Our main thrust over the last 4 months has been the development of the bursary fund. Sponsorship of Penyem children started 12 years ago. Most of the children sponsored at that time were very young. Of course, they grow up! So the 4 and 5 years olds are now 16 and 17 year olds and are starting to think about life after school. Most sponsors of these children are keen to help when their sponsored child leaves school, but cannot necessarily meet the additional costs of further education. So, we ask them to sponsor the child at the Senior Secondary School rate and we will try to top up the extra further education fees with a bursary grant. We have developed an application process and to date have 5 applications. We have also had generous donations to the Bursary from one off donations and regular monthly contributions from some new sponsors.

We will continue to develop the Bursary Fund.

However, NTF takes great pleasure in announcing that from November 2015 we have the support of Northampton School for Girls in their Centenary Year in helping promote and fund the Bursary. It his hoped that this relationship will flourish with the possibility of groups from NSG visiting Penyem in the future.


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