Penyem Daycare and Nursery School to face closure!

Followers of our work in Penyem will know that over a year ago we took over the full funding of the village Daycare and Nursery School. For the next 12 months we strived to find a sponsor for the school – but with no luck! So, last March we had to give the village notice that the school would have to close, as we are unable to sustain the meagre amount of £7000 per annum to run the school. The school will have to close in July 2018. This prior warning does at least give the village and NTF time to continue to find financial backing.

In May 2016, we wrote to 12 local organisations and groups specifically asking them for help. We have not heard back from these groups.

So now – in June 2016 – we are making it public knowledge, that unless we can find assistance, the school will have to close. Of course, we are not taking this decision lightly. However, the simple facts are that we cannot afford to pay the £7000. We have come up with another plan!DSCN1440

We hope to find sponsors for the 7 classrooms in the school. In an ideal world, it would be 7 individuals contributing £500 each. This would raise £3500. The NTF would fundraise for the other £3500. Alternatively, it could be a group or syndicate who come together to contribute £500 between them. Another way is for individuals to contact us with donations and we would then put them together to make a ‘classroom group’. Naturally we would hope that whichever way, we hope that people are prepared to make an annual commitment.

Below is a copy of the text of an open letter which explains everything. We hope to hear from you! 01604461746. 07812111187

Dear Friends

We are writing to you regarding the work our small charity, Northampton Trustee Fund (NTF), does in The Gambia. In 2004 we set up the charity to support the village of Penyem. Initially, we started by fundraising to supply small individual items such as football kits, school resources etc. Over the years this has developed into funding the village Health Centre, building projects and a sponsorship programme for 100 children.

In 2015, we agreed to take on the full funding of the village Day Care Centre and Nursery School. Whilst we are currently able to do this, the drain on our financial resources is enormous, preventing us from funding any development projects in Penyem. We are unable to sustain this financial support forever. Hence the reason for us writing to you.

It costs £7000 a year to fully fund the school. Two hundred children attend, taught by seven teachers. There is a cleaner and a caretaker. We pay all these salaries and provide the funds for all the materials and maintenance of the buildings. During the last year we have been seeking a sponsor to cover this cost, without luck!

NTF can fund £3500 per annum. There are seven classrooms in the school compound. We are now trying to secure sponsorship for each classroom, that is, £500 per room.

There are a number of ways you could help. Larger organisations may be able to fully fund a classroom (£500). Smaller organisations may be able to fund half (£250), and combine with another organisation. Individual sponsors may decide they can help, but with a smaller donation. Whichever way, we would like to suggest that this is an ongoing annual commitment wherever possible. All sponsors will be recognised in the school with their names on a plaque/notice in ‘their’ classroom.

Please call us to discuss how you could help. We hope to hear from you very soon! In the meantime you can find out more about NTF on our website

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