Penyem Upper Basic School Home Economics Room opens!

In December 2018 Corby Phoenix Rotarians David Tristram and John Dixon visited Penyem to discuss a long standing project at Penyem Upper Basic School.

For 2 years we had been discussing with Mr Gibba Bah the refurbishment and equipping of the Home Economics room in the school.

A few years previously Corby Phoenix had funded the reroofing of the building that house the HE room. So in December 2018, a deal was struck between the school and Phoenix to complete the room. Half of the £5000 funding would come from the local Corby Rotary Chub. This was matched by the International Rotary Organisation.

The room needed sewing machines, cookers, gas bottles, pots and pans and 100 tables to allow for examinations… fact…..everything! In April 2019, NTF was present at the official opening of the room. This is a fantastic facility…..which has received the highest commendation from the Gambia Government Education Office.

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