The new Bantabar

NTF are delighted to announce the completion of a structure in the Nursery School yard locally known as a Bantaba. In January 2018 old friends, Tracey and Harvey visited Penyem.

They were over whelmed by the success of our work in the village. Tracey and Harvey run Northamptonshire Trampoline and Gymnastics Academy (NTGA) in Northampton. They asked if their organisation could help with a project.

In  a previous item on this website you will have read about ‘The Greatest Show’. This was the fundraiser that their team organised to raise funds. In December 2018, the Bantaba construction project was confirmed. Work started in January 2019. In April 2019, Andy and Anne were able to visit the village to officially open the building.

Below is a letter received from Dawda Bojang. The letter explains it all!……

Dear NTGA,
On behalf of the above caption subject , the children , staff , parent management committee, and on my own behalf , I write this thank you letter , to thank the Butler Family, NTGA being the mother agency and sponsoring the BANTABA project in Penyem community Nursery / Day care center . This project was initiated as far back some six years ago by the staff in consultations with the school parent management committee. The project could not be accomplish, due to financial constraints beyon the limit . We venture into a fund raising aim at using the proceeds to complete works at the BANTABA , this could not be attained .The NTGA sponsorship to complete the BANTABA project was indeed well appreciated and cherished .This good will humanitarian gesture shall remain to linger in our hearts for an indefinite long period .The NTGA agency / donor is transforming the life of vulnerable and poor needy families in Penyem village . Changing childhood and livelihood of the people , means Changing the entire world .

WHAT IS BANTABA = Bantaba is a place were people gather to discuss issues .

– The Bantaba project will be use as a staff meeting cent re

– The Bantaba will be used to enhance Child stimulation

– The Bantaba will be used for relaxation , study and research Center .

– The Bantaba will be used for Sponsored students letter writing Center .

– The Bantaba will be useful to hold staff and sports committee meeting ground .

Once again i thank the NTGA for sponsoring the BANTABA project , long live NTGA , long live NTF , and long live Butler family.

Yours Sincerely,

Dawda Bojang

Community Development Practitioner

Social Worker , Foot Ball Referee

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